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Derivatives Workbook (Wendy L. Pirie)

offers practical instruction for students and professionals seeking additional guidance on working with derivatives instruments. Created by CFA Institute as a companion to the comprehensive Derivatives text, this book helps you practice using what you've learned through problems that mimic real-world scenarios. Working with different derivatives instruments helps you gauge how well you understand the instruments' characteristics, both shared and unique; this intimate knowledge is essential to effective portfolio management, and this book provides an expertly-designed, low-stakes environment ideal for self-assessment.

Derivatives—financial instruments that derive their value from the value of some underlying asset—have become increasingly important for effective risk management, and fundamental for creating synthetic exposures to asset classes. Whether you're a student aspiring to a career in finance, or a professional seeking a stronger skill set, this workbook is an invaluable tool for simulating the use of derivatives in everyday practice.

Work more effectively with different types of derivative instruments

Master the valuation of forward, future, options, and swap contracts

Utilize options for risk management and portfolio optimization

Explore the practical aspects of working within the derivatives markets

As in other security markets, arbitrage and market efficiency play a critical role in derivative pricing. The experts at CFA Institute recognize the need for realistic, practical derivatives training that translates well into real-world practice; this workbook fills the gap with a wealth of practice problems that have value to both aspiring and practicing investment professionals. provides authoritative training and comprehensive practical instruction on derivative instruments, their markets, and valuation.

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